The park
Legacy of Vittoria Guerrieri

The plants of the large park surrounding the resort are witnesses of Vittoria's life and dreams and today offer shelter and coolness to our guests
In the grounds of the Castelluccio there is a large park encompassing almost 6,000 square metres, which is accessed through a majestic cast iron gate with an elaborate design of three Gothic tabernacle frames with the esoteric symbols for good and evil set horizontally.

In the park there are lime trees, horse chestnut trees, Italian stone pines, Lebanon cedars and other flowers and plants that are the legacy of Vittoria Guerrieri. A short distance away from the façade there is a giant oak tree about 500 years old with a trunk measuring almost 1.5 metres in diameter.

During the time when the Spinola family owned the estate, the park’s main attraction was its many iron gazebos, which served various functions. Some of those situated along the main pathway were used as cages for different species of exotic animals; while others, like the one still found to the right of the façade, were used for having breakfast in the summer.

The enormous geodesic-dome greenhouse, which is 15 metres in diameter, is particularly striking. Immersed in the park, in the past the greenhouse served as an aviary for exotic birds and baboons.

At the back of the Castelluccio there is also a single-storey building with a rectangular layout, which was previously used as tool shed and then as a lemon grove.
Now Castelluccio Palusse has opted to use this space as a small health spa to ensure the relaxation and well-being of guests.

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