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Inside the old "Citroniére" is our Wellness Center with Finnish sauna, turkish bath, whirlpool, emotional shower, relaxation area and herbal teas corner

Our qualified staff is available for massages and treatments.
Treatments and massages - advance reservation required
"La Citroniére Spa" a small wellness corner to be shared only in 2, for the couple or with a group of friends. A Finnish sauna, a bathroom with chromotherapy, emotional shower, a warm Jacuzzi and a relaxation area with chaises longues where you can taste herbal teas, a small relaxing oasis where quiet and tranquility are guaranteed by an exclusivity difficult to find elsewhere.
Access also accepted for non-lodgers
Booking required
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(Foot Massage

Stimulating and moisturizing foot massage to relieve signs of fatigue.
Duration 15/20 minutes € 30.00

(|Toning Legs & Buttocks)
Energy massage that stimulates the muscles and gives firmness and elasticity to the tissues of the legs and buttocks with reducing effects.
Duration 25/30 minutes Cost € 40.00

Toning Abdomen
Remodeling and reducing massage that acts on the stomach and hips to eliminate any stagnation specific to water retention.
Duration 20 minutes Cost € 35.00

Relax Massage
Total massage from head to limbs more to relaxing effect
Duration 55 minutes Cost € 70.00

(|Antistress Massage)
Focused on the areas where stress is most concentrated: Nuca, Collo e Spalle
Duration 30 minutes € 40.00

(|Relaxing Back Massage)
Concentrated on the lumbar, dorsal and cervical areas
Duration 30 minutes Cost € 40.00

Aromatic Massage with Essential Oils
Promotes both physical and mental relaxation through the skilful mixing of particular essences.
Duration 55 minutes Cost € 70.00

Draining Massage
Classic draining effect with light touches and lymphatic emptying.
Suitable as a prevention against cellulite and water retention.
Duration 55 minutes Cost € 70.00)
Hot Stone Massage
Duration 50 minutes € 70.00)
Moisturizing Face Treatment for dry skin.
Cleansing, Exfoliating Scrub, Retinol Moisturizing Mask, Relaxing Micromassage to the face.
duration 60 minutes € 65.00

Anti-aging face treatment
Cleansing, Exfoliating Scrub, Hyaluronic Acid Mask, Relaxing Micromassage to the face.
duration 60 minutes € 65.00

Anti-cellulite treatment
Reduced sludge based wrap based on micronized clay and brown algae extracts with slimming reducing action.
Localized massage on critical points based on heating gel with lipolytic and antigonfiore action.
Duration 60 minutes € 70.00
Package of 3 treatments € 180.00

Visage package
-1 Turkish bath 10 min.
- 1 peeling with olive oil and sea salts
- 1 mask with hyaluronic acid or retinol
- Lymphatic micromassage to the face
bold: (duration 70 minutes € 70.00 per person
Moisture Pack
|-1 Moisturizing Peeling with olive oil and sea salts - 25 min.
-1 Body Moisturizing Massage - 50 min. a refreshing and draining gel base with mint extract
- 1 entry to the Turkish bath - 15 min.
Duration 100 minutes € 95.00 per person

Magical Ritual of Argan
|Firming, elasticizing, regenerating, magical anti-stress treatment, anti-aging
with Argan oil, Borage, Karitè and pure essential oils with a firming, nourishing and elasticizing effect. A cuddle for face and body with an oriental flavor.
1. Scrub with Himalayan salts and sea salts
2. Hot shower
3. 10 to 15-minute Turkish bath
4. Savonage with Aleppo soap with Kessa glove
5. Emotional shower
6. Massage 40 minutes with pure organic Argan oil and vitamin E
Duration € 100 minutes € 120.00

Pure dark chocolate for body and skin hair, with orange peel, cinnamon and vanilla.
1. Dark chocolate wrap
2. Rinse with chocolate detergent
3. Soft application of butter cream Karitè nourishing cocoa
4. A delicious chocolate oil massage
Duration 100 minutes € 120.00

|In the beautiful scenery of the Castelluccio Palussese park and within a wonderful 19th-century wrought iron aviary, the Wellness Center staff organizes spectacular 30 and 50 minute couples massages.
|Massage period 30 minutes € 80.00 Rate for 2 people
Duration of massage 50 minutes € 140.00 Rate for 2 people

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