Infiorata of S. Luigi
Every year in Città della Pieve

Events 12 Sep 2017

Is from devotion of the Contrada of the I ° Terziere Casalino for their patron saint San Luigi Gonzaga every year comes the incomparable charm of the carpet. This event, the most important that the city offers to its visitors, traditionally marks the BEGINNING of summer events Pievesi. Each edition is unique, original and unrepeatable changing the theme every year and creating more designs in the original form.

In the 2008 Master Antonio Brown has made ​​real "think tanks" to enchant visitors, describing some of the scenes from the book of Genesis, while some years the decorative part is the work of Andrea Bittarello. Over the years, various themes have been carried out: by the life of St. Aloysius Gonzaga to that of Blessed James Villa, from the history of Città della Pieve homage to "Pietro Perugino." The floral display is also music and entertainment, in fact, is the night of Saturday and Sunday afternoon visitors are accompanied along the way by musical harmonies. In the magical nights of the summer solstice in a blend of art, religion, history and ancient traditions of the Contrada Terziere realize what the next morning is the incomparable spectacle of the carpet of St. Louis.

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