Il Palio dei Terzieri di Città della Pieve
Medioeval charm

Events 12 Sep 2017

In 1250 the Terzieri are appointed for the first time in the act of submission to Perugia after a very short interval of autonomy and freedom due to the protection of the Emperor Frederick II, known as Castel del Pieve was from the city of the Griffon .

The final urban design dates back to the Commune and has reached almost unchanged to this day, it is characterized by a silhouette of the city reminiscent in some ways one of the eagle threatening way towards Rome. I Terzieri originate from the splitting of the medieval city into three portions of land, the parts of the eagle identify with Terzieri, which in turn refer to three social classes: the head corresponds to the third castle of the knights or class (aristocracy) , to the belly the Terziere Borgo Dentro (Middle class), the wing-tail Terziere Casalino or Class of Pedestrians (Farmers).

Today the Knights of the Terzieri evoke the ancient hunting Toro, challenging each other in the art of archery, striking silhouettes representing the race of the Chianina bulls fixed on mobile platforms.

The Palio

The Pallium historian who is challenged each year by Terzieri, is a beautiful tapestry painted by the master Pievesi Antonio Brown, raffiugrante the archers in the act of paying tribute to the Master of the Field (judge of the race), before the start signal of the competition . Against the blue the most significant monuments of the city and, below, the symbols of the Terzieri: the medieval castle, the Well of Casalino and the Rocca del Borgo Inside, the crest at the top of Città della Pieve with the two Biscioni Visconti tribute to ' alliance with the Republic of Milan. How to frame a decorative trophies and sixteenth-century armor.
The day of the launch of the Challenge, August 15, the Pallium is being returned from Terziere winner of last year in the hands of the Mayor of Castel della Pieve, to be jealously preserved in the town hall from which will come the day of the Hunt del Toro, to appear in the great historical procession preceded by the banner of the city.

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